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Envelope Types

Envelopes come in all sorts of styles and variations, there is always an envelope to suit the occasion or the specific use, whether it be for postage, business mail outs, & invitations etc there is a specific type of envelope.

At the Envelope Factory we can supply all varieties of envelopes to meet your individual needs. Our clients are many and varied our ever growing list includes financial service providers, political parties, the public sector, universities and major retailers.

Pocket Envelopes

Pocket envelopes have an opening flap positioned on one of the shorter sides of the envelope and are used for everyday applications. Often used for important documents in which the sender doesn’t want the paper to be folded.

These types of envelopes often have a protective bubble wrap insert that give the envelope added protection against bumps and knocks in postal transition.

Wallet Envelopes

Wallet Envelopes normally have a trapezium shaped top flap on the longer side of the envelope. This are usually the C5 size of envelopes so will fit an A4 piece of paper folded in half or an A5 piece of paper.

Wallet Envelopes also come in many other sizes and the DL size with a window is commonly used for business and corporate purposes. These are our best selling envelopes to SME customers. We supply both gummed and un gummed wallet style envelopes depending on your individual requirement. We also supply XLDL as well as the standard DL format. If you have a particular requirement please complete our enquiry form.

Banker Envelopes

Banker Envelopes are similar to the Wallet Envelopes but the flap is a triangular shape instead. Traditionally used for greeting cards and personal letter use.

They have become more commonly knows as invitation or greeting card envelopes because of the manor in which they are used.